General Interest

The TLA puts Public interest as a priority and abstains from showing any favor to any party whose interest goes partially or entirely against the interests of the general public


Efficiency and Professionalism

The members of the TLA are the best there is in the logistical sector in Tunisia. That being said, efficiency and professionalism are watch-words for all our members and while executing our tasks


Integrity and Transparency

As one of the most important values the TLA keens on abiding by, honesty and transparency guide us in the execution of all tasks and gives us the reputation that is worthy of the Tunisian logistical sector


Respect of the law

We are engaged in defending the interests of our members without breaching the law



We contribute collectively to the attainment of a common objective : the development of TLA and the success of its projects. Committing to push the sector forward and give it the edge it needs to reach its full potential



TLA is always at the services of its members and partners. We listen all the times to them and respond to their needs. And we strive to integrate these needs in our action plans.